College Board AP Computer Science Principles Female Diversity Award

SCITUATE, R.I., JANUARY. 23, 2024 –  On Wednesday, January 17, Scituate High School earned the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Female Diversity Award for achieving high female representation in the school’s AP Computer Science Principles course. In 2023, SHS was one of only 834 schools across the country and around the world to receive this recognition.

 “I would like to congratulate our female AP computer science students and our Computer Science CTE Academy Coordinator, Jenna Matisewski on this exciting achievement,” said SHS Principal Michael Hassell. “We’re honored that our school earned this distinction and we are committed to encouraging all students to explore computer science education at SHS.”

 During a research study, the College Board found that female students who take AP Computer Science Principles in high school are more than five times as likely to major in computer science in college, compared to female students of similar backgrounds and academic preparation who did not take this course. The study also found that students who take AP Computer Science Principles are nearly twice as likely to enroll in AP Computer Science A and that for most students, AP Computer Science Principles serves as a stepping stone to other advanced AP STEM coursework.

 “I am thrilled that more female students have taken advantage of the computer science courses we offer,” said Matisewski. “I believe it’s important to foster an inclusive and comfortable learning environment where all students feel supported and welcomed.”

 Scituate High School's AP Computer Science Principles course empowers students to integrate their interests into projects and class activities, fostering creativity and confidence. The course also introduces students to diverse facets of computer science, such as programming, algorithm development, and data analysis.

 Trevor Packer, Head of the College Board’s AP Program said, “In the six years since we began the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award, it’s been heartening to see schools like Scituate High School welcome so many more young women into this vital field.”