World Language Department

Because man is a communicative being, language is paramount to his interrelationships. To understand those of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, a study of foreign language and culture is essential. It is therefore recommended that students elect a fouryear sequential course of study of at least one major foreign language in order to achieve a minimum of fluency in the language. This is especially recommended to those students who are planning to go on to a four-year college. Students must earn a grade of C- or better in all prerequisite foreign language courses.

Today, more than ever, and according to the most recent studies of the state of American Education, an emerging consensus places the study of foreign languages and cultures alongside the five basics of English, mathematics, computer science, social studies and the natural sciences as fundamental components of a sound education. The study of a foreign language is an integral part of the educated, well-informed citizen.

Although Scituate High School offers the study of only French and Spanish, a course of Italian and/or Portuguese will be made available upon the request of at least twenty students.