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The Art Department provides a variety of experiences and challenges, teaching students new skills and raising their awareness of the world around them. Participation in the Arts encourages increased visual perception, awareness of one's surroundings and promotes personal involvement in one's education. In all art classes, students study written and visual resources and maintain a portfolio/body of work. Introductory and Advanced studio art courses are offered. Students work in both 2D and 3D media and have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in local and statewide exhibits. The Arts are part of the Core Curriculum as outlined in the Common Core of Learning.

Students are required to meet RI State Proficiency in the Arts.

Visual Arts education students: 

  • perceive and understand visual and aesthetic relationships in the environment.

  • produce expressive works of art and discover the specific qualities of different art materials and how to use them.

  • learn to express feelings, experiences and ideas that they find meaningful.

  • acquire knowledge of the history of Art and Design.

  • evaluate works of art and make intelligent visual aesthetic judgments.

Careers in ART are abundant! Below is a list of potential ART careers to pursue!


Film and Video Producers

Architectural Photographers


Art Critics

Gallery Owners

Art Directors

Information Architects

Art Teachers

Interior Designers


Jewelry designers

Arts Administrators

Master Printers

Biomedical Illustrators

Model Makers

Book Designers

Multimedia Designers

Children's Book Illustrators

Museum Educators

College Professors

Photo Editors

Community Art Educators


Computer Game Artists

Portrait Artists

Conservation Specialists


Costume Designers

Set Designers

Creative Directors

Sculptors for Public Spaces


Studio Artists

Directors of Non-profit Arts Orginizations

Textile Designers

Editorial Illustrators

Video Artists

Exhibition Designers

Visual Interface Designers

Exhibiting Artists


Fashion Designers

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