Family & Consumer Sciences Department

Jill Morton, Department Chair

The major goal of the Family and Consumer Science Program is to prepare young adults for the roles and responsibilities associated with independent living. Students will have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing experiences that will assist in career awareness. The course offerings also include programs that help individuals in decision making for career choices.

At the senior high level provision is made for experiences in developing life skills and a deeper understanding of the role of family and society. Service to community is an integral part of the high school curriculum. The curriculum integrates community interaction into each course and addresses the present and emerging needs of the students, the workforce, and the community. Career and workplace skills are emphasized and applied through service. In the area of consumer education, it is hoped that the student will learn to think critically in the marketplace. Scientific principles are applied in a practical way to problem solve in the areas of food purchase, preparation, child growth and development, selection of consumer goods, career awareness and management skills.