Philosophy/Mission Statement

The School Library Media Center should be perceived as a welcoming, helpful and stimulating facility for the intellectual and personal pleasure of students, teachers, parents and other community members.

The Library Media Center is an integral part of the school’s educational program. Library resources offer equal opportunities to all students and provide materials and resources, both print and non-print, to meet their varied needs. Further, the Library Media Center’s collection supports all curricula as well as provides for personal growth and development.

The Library staff works with teachers in the selection and use of all types of library materials that contribute to the teaching program.

The Library serves children from ages 12 through 18+ and has many books on a variety of topics. Parents are encouraged to be aware of what their child is reading and to discuss subject matter with their children.

Library Hours


7:35AM to 2:30PM


(401) 647-4120 ext. 2307


(401) 647-4126

Library Staff

Ms. Greer Monaghan


Mrs. Patricia Murray

Library Clerk

Service Policy

To use the Library during a Directed Literacy Period, students must request a pass from the library staff. This is a commitment for the entire period. Lateness and class cutting rules apply, and students are expected to report with any and all materials needed for the period.

Books and other circulating materials are borrowed for a loan period of 14 to 20 days. All due dates are Wednesdays. Students may borrow books using the automated sign-out system, and are responsible for all materials signed-out in their names. There are no fines for overdue books, but lost or damaged books and materials must be paid for according to the Lost or Damaged Textbook, Materials and Equipment policy. Reference books and periodicals are used in the Library only or in the classroom/ Directed Literacy Period for the hour. Students using the Library are expected to work quietly and respect the rights of fellow students by promptly returning materials that may be needed by others. Library privileges may be revoked for those students who fail to follow the rules and acceptable standards of good manners and behavior associated with the Library environment.

Students needing assistance or instruction in the use of the Library should ask for help. The librarian and aides are always available to give assistance with library-centered assignments or in the search for recreational and research materials.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy

Because Scituate High School is a member of RILINK, students may obtain books, periodicals, et cetera from other member libraries. This privilege gives students access to statewide library resources. To obtain such materials, students must place the library material on hold through the library online catalog. Students are expected to care for and return ILL materials in a timely manner.

For the full ILL policy click here.

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