Senior Project

Senior Project Handbook

Hello Class of 2021,

I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and healthy. With the current uncertainty of what the fall will look like, I wanted to offer you the opportunity to start your senior project this summer. Take some time and think about a project that would be interesting to you. 

Any student in a CTE program or pathway endorsement must have a senior project aligned to their respective program (career field) if they plan to finish the cohort and be recognized with a distinction at graduation. You may refer to page 12 in the program of studies or you may contact, for more information.

Also, when choosing a topic, think about possible mentors available to you; remember that mentors can not be a family member. Also, consider that part/all your project may have to be completed via distance learning. 

In order to begin your project in the summer, you need to complete this senior project approval form (click this link). Once you have the approval from me, your parent and mentor must complete forms allowing you to complete your project. These forms can be submitted to me on google classroom . You must spend 15 hours with your mentor working on your project. During the summer you are allowed to complete 10 hours of your fieldwork however, they MUST be done virtually.  You may also complete your interview. Many students use their mentor to interview however it can be another person if you wish. The interview must be  6-10 questions that you create about things that you would like to find out about your topic. This can be completed by using zoom, e-mail or any other means using proper social distancing. See attached document for more detailed information.

Approval forms must be received by July 1st. I need to receive the parent and mentor forms by July 15th. You can keep your interview questions and turn them once we are back in school in the fall. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Have a happy and safe summer.

Mrs. Morton

Senior Project Coordinator

The senior students were photographed and interviewed by Mrs. Rocchio's intensive English class. As part of a digital learning objective, they learned editing skills and were able to capture collaboration between students and teachers. Please view the video and, if interested, volunteer to be a judge. Contact Mrs. Morton if you are interested in participating in the final phase of the senior journey.

Congratulations on a job well done.