Aerial photo of Caito Field

Dear Parents, Students and Members of Our Community,

As school begins, our school community shares the frustration that the beautiful Caito
field sports complex remains closed. As you know, the field was closed in May 2021
over safety concerns regarding one significant sink hole(see pictures below) as well as
other holes on the field. Prior to the closure and since then, the Scituate School
Committee along with its legal team and geotechnical engineers both with extensive
expertise in these matters, have been working with the architect (RGB), geotechnical
engineer (GALE) and contractor (RAD) to develop a solution. Significant testing has
been conducted over the course of the last two years which is available on the school
website. Under the terms of the construction contracts, mediation and binding arbitration
is required of all parties. Mediation severely limits what can be said about the process
and proceedings. Mediation is continuing and proposals and counter proposals are
being shared. It is our hope that this can be resolved soon to avoid binding arbitration.
Please rest assured, the school committee, attorneys and geotechnical engineers have
remained steadfast to ensure the taxpayer’s investment is protected.

We will continue to keep you informed as new information becomes available.

Laurie Andries
Superintendent of Schools
Scituate RI