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The Mathematics Department at Scituate High School provides a broad range of course offerings to prepare students for college and career readiness. These courses offer students at all abilities, the opportunity to develop, as well as nurture, their problem solving abilities. Through appropriate course selections, students can explore the traditional concepts, techniques, and applications of mathematics that will help them solve problems. We encourage our students to gain a firm foundation in mathematics and computer science.
Students are provided opportunities to study advanced topics of mathematics and computer programming. In these courses, students will be able to apply their acquired knowledge of mathematics to other areas of study. Prerequisites in course descriptions are minimal course entry requirements. To meet the graduation requirements in mathematics, all students are required to successfully complete four mathematics credits.
In the event that a student needs to take mathematics courses concurrently, department chair approval must be obtained in writing prior to course selection. This is an ambitious endeavor and often not recommended. The department chair will review the petition for concurrent enrollment and recommend appropriate course combinations.