Senior Project

Dear Senior:
Congratulations, you have made it to your senior year at Scituate High School. Being a senior can be a very exciting and fulfilling time. One requirement of all seniors is to complete a senior project. Take time to think about a topic that will be interesting to you. You will be working on this project for the entire year so it is important that your topic have meaning to you. If you use your time wisely and meet all deadlines, the senior project will be a non-stressful rewarding learning experience.
The Scituate High School Senior Project Handbook is your official resource to use throughout your Senior Project experience. The requirements needed to complete the Senior Project component of the Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs) Diploma System for the Scituate School Department are in this handbook. Please take the time to read through this handbook. Pay particular attention to requirements, due dates, and assessments. Also note that support is given to you throughout the project.
All necessary sample forms are in this handbook as well as checklist assessments and rubrics. Your Senior Seminar Leader will provide you with a copy of each form as needed throughout the year.
Email addresses are listed for each of the Seminar Leaders and myself if you need to contact any of us with concerns or comments. In addition to meeting with you during Senior Seminar (Tuesday’s period 8), a department night is held once a week. Tuesday is the designated department night for the 2010-2011 school year. Computers will be available for your use if needed.
I look forward to this new journey with you, and my hope is that you will find the Senior Project to be a rewarding learning experience.
Your Senior Project Coordinator,

The senior students were photographed and interviewed by Mrs. Rocchio's intensive English class. As part of a digital learning objective, they learned editing skills and were able to capture collaboration between students and teachers. Please view the video and, if interested, volunteer to be a judge. Contact Mrs. Morton if you are interested in participating in the final phase of the senior journey.
Congratulations on a job well done.